10 základných pravidiel

A journalist from the national press wants to interview you. Read our handy guide to make sure you keep your foot out of your mouth.

1.Get back to them quickly

When journalists need comment from subject experts or relevant businesses on a current topic, they often put calls out to at least a couple of rival firms – whoever responds quickest tends to get their quote used, or the slot on the air. Even if you are busy, try and make returning a journalist’s call a priority – nowadays deadlines are often measured in minutes than hours – they usually need it now.

2. Have something to say

Frankly, journalists aren’t really interested in „on the one hand, on the other“ responses to questions. When they are looking for a quote, they want it clearly and powerfully expressed, so no-one is in any doubt where you stand. Make sure the point you think is most important is the one you express most effectively and cogently, so this becomes the „quote“ the reporter is likely to use.