Ako sa obliecť pred kameru

What should I wear for TV/video interviews?

More and more people are watching TV in HD these days. When everyone is watching all video on an HD screen, what you were on TV or video interviews won’t matter so much as long as you look good in person—because they way people see you on HD TV is very similar to how they would see you in person. If—and this is a big if—every part of the video capture and distribution chain is in HD. The camera must be HD, the cables, your Cable TV provider, your cable box, your TV, etc. If even one link is weak, then you won’t be watching in true High definition.

So why is this significant? Because when people aren’t watching you in high definition, there are a number of distorting effects that come into play that you must take into account when dressing. For example, very few people have HD computer screens. So if they are watching your appearance for a TV interview that was on NBC news, but is now on YouTube, you won’t be seen in HD.